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If you store goods in the EU or have exceeded a European country's distance selling thresholds you are likely to need to EU VAT services. EU VAT requires registering and filing in each EU state but but with the right partner this process can be time and cost effective.

Broad understanding of both UK and EU VAT for Ecommerce sellers. We can advise you on the right EU VAT partner for your UK business and work alongside them to make your UK and non-UK compliance requirement effortless.

EU VAT for Ecommerce can be complicated but with the right solution it can be handled in no time.

Whether you are a UK seller storing goods in the EU, and Amazon seller going Pan-European, or a dropshipper reducing delivery times by using EU suppliers, we have you covered. We can help get your registrations in place and automate the submission of all of your EU returns.


“EU VAT is handled per country and is only available in the local language. With the right solution in place, not only is this not a problem, but it can be done cost-effectively and with minimal impact on your time.”
Steffen Hoyemsvoll (Ecommerce Accountants)

We will help you find the right all-in-one solution for all EU countries. Reduce how many accounting relationships you need to manage

EU VAT is done per country. We work alongside the major EU VAT houses to ensure your UK business complies with EU VAT rules.

Easy Registration. Fill in just one form covering all of your VAT registrations

Having a single VAT-house handling all of your EU VAT means that you can be efficient in providing the information required to get you set up.

Yaaass! Automation! Save time with VAT returns prepared with minimal input from you.

For Amazon and Shopify sellers you can achieve full automation. For others simply upload a single export file.

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Want to learn more about EU VAT for ecommerce? Here's what you need to know.

What is VAT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a type of Sales Tax that is charged by VAT registered entities on certain qualifying sales they make. Such a sale is considered a taxable supply in the EU.

What makes a sale a taxable supply then?

Any sale where the place of supply is considered the EU. So for physical goods, this means if the goods were sold from a warehouse or fulfilment centre in the EU (or a digital service sold to an EU customer).

Who has to register for VAT?

Any company that makes EU taxable supplies has to register as soon as they exceed any of several thresholds that can apply. These thresholds depend on 1. where your business is based and 2. where your goods are supplied from.

When do I register for EU VAT if I am a UK seller?

If you are a UK seller, you have to register if you store goods in an EU country or if you have exceeded the distance selling thresholds for one of the EU countries (€35,000 for most, some are €100,000).

When do I register if I am a non-UK seller?

If you are storing goods in the EU and this is not the country where your business is established, you must register straight away. If you are storing and shipping goods from another EU country in which you are VAT registered, you must register if the sales exceed the distance selling threshold for the country in which your customer is based.

I sell digital services - do I need to register for EU VAT?

There is a special scheme for digital services that simplifies VAT for sellers of digital services, called the VAT MOSS Scheme. In this scenario, we can handle your submissions for you and you will not need to engage a EU VAT house.

How much does it cost?

This varies by country but the typical registration fee is c. €350 and each filing costs c. €150.

How frequently do I have to file?

This varies by country and in some countries it also varies by revenue, but most commonly it is monthly or quarterly.

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